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Robotics Club

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Sponsor - Coach H

Please go to Forms, download and print the Registration Form, take a picture and send it to!


Fees for the year are $200.


We are looking forward to the upcoming season! I will be posting a calendar of open lab dates very soon.

We are looking to field 2 AHS high school teams and 3-6 middle school teams, with Fairplay Middle, Mason Creek Middle and Yeager Middle schools all fielding at least one team each!

We have had great turnout at our initial meetings with over 50 families showing interest in being a part of our Robotics Club here at AHS!

That is VERY exciting but this means that we can take no more than 10 members from each school. We just do not have the physical space to accomodate more than that so it is first come first served!

We are also looking for parent AND teacher volunteers. Contact me for more info at

Thank you!

Ben Higginbotham - Higgy