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Earn the right to wear the letters... A - L - X!

2010 AAAA Dual State Runner-up
2010 AAAA Traditional State Champions
2011 AAAA Dual State Runner-up
2011 AAAA Traditional State 5th
2012 AAAA Dual State Elite 8
2012 AAAA Traditional State Runner-up
2013 AAAA Dual State Runner-up
2013 AAAA Traditional State 3rd
2014 AAAA Dual State 3rd
2014 AAAA Traditional State 3rd

We do because we can.
We can Because we want to.
We want to because you said we couldn't.


Freestyle / Greco Practices Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:00-5:30.

The Douglas County All-County Wrestling Team
Wrestler of the Year: Roman Boylen
Team of the Year: ALX
Coaches of the Year: Moistner & Cochran
1st Team
106 Brentyn Russell
113 Austin Starnes

120 Bryce hollomon
126 Jason Stimphill
132 Rayn Ashe
138 Roman Boylen
145 Tony Johnson
152 Chris Achenbach
170 Muhammed Ansari
195 Spencer Gray
220 William Brown

Honorable Mention
160 Mathew Beske
182 Jhorre Statham
195 Bo Caldwell

ALX finished 3rd at the 4A State Championships.
ALX won the 5AAAA Region Title

ALX Finished 3rd at the 4A Dual State Championship.
ALX Won the Region 5AAAA Dual Championship! 

6th Freestyle/Greco @ W. Hall
12th Freestyle/Greco @ Newnan
19th Freestyle/Greco @ McIntosh
26th Georgia Games @ TBA


3rd Freestyle/Greco @ ALX
10th Team GA National Qualifier @ Mt. View
17th Freestyle/Greco @ Kennesaw Mt.
24th USA Southeast Regional @ Congress Center
31st Freestyle/Greco State Championships @ Parkview

ALX 2013 / 2014 Results
Dual Record:22-6
ALX Duals - 4th
E Coweta(W), Jonesboro(W), Ola(W), N. Forsyth(L), Alcovy(L)
Kennesaw Mt. Duals:3rd
Lee Co.(W), Hillgrove(W), Roswell(L), Grayson(W), Collins Hill(W)
Parkview Duals: 4th
Woodland(L), Loganville(W), Peachtree Ridge(W), Hiram(W), Social Circle(L)
Southern Slam: 6th
138 R. Boylan 2nd, 145 T. Johnson 4th, 152 C. Achenbach 6th, 170 M. Ansari 4th, 220 S. Grey 2nd, 285 B. Boswell 8th 
Douglas Co. Championships: 1st
Chapel Hill(W), Lithia Springs(W), New Manchester(W), Douglas Co.(W)
13 Alx Wrestlers went undefeated... 106 B. Russell, 120 B. Hollomon, 126 J. Stimphill, 132 R. Ashe & K. Daniel, 138 R. Boylan & T. Saunders, 145 T. Johnson, 152 C. Achenbach, 170 M. Ansari, 195 B. Caldwell, 220 W. Brown, 285 B. Boswell
CRWA: 1st
106 B. Russell 1st, 120 B. Hollomon 1st , 126 J. Stimphill 3rd , 132 R. Ashe 1st, 138 R. Boylan 1st, 145 T. Johnson 1st, 152 C. Achenbach 1st, 160 M. Beske 1st, 170 M. Ansari 1st, 182 J. Statham 2nd, 195 B. Caldwell 1st, 220 W. Brown 1st, 285 B. Boswell 5th.
120 B. Hollomon 4th, 138 R. Boylan 1st, 145 T. Johnson 6th, 152 C. Achenbach 6th, 170 M. Ansari 5th, 220 W. Brown 4th, 285 B. Boswell 6th.
ALX Invitational: 1st
106 B. Russell 2nd, 120 B. Hollomon 1st , 126 J. Stimphill 4th , 132 R. Ashe 2nd, 138 R. Boylan 1st, 145 T. Johnson 1st, 152 C. Achenbach 2nd, 160 M. Beske 6th, 170 M. Ansari 1st, 182 J. Statham 4th, 195 B. Caldwell 5th, 220 W. Brown 1st, 285 B. Boswell 2nd.
Region 5AAAA Dual Championships: 1st
AAAA Dual State Championships: 3rd
Wildcat Brawl: 1st
106 B. Russell 6th, 113 A. Starnes 6th, 120 B. Hollomon 2nd , 126 J. Stimphill 5th , 132 R. Ashe 5th, 138 R. Boylan 1st, 145 T. Johnson 5th, 152 C. Achenbach 1st, 170 M. Ansari 4th, 195 S. Gray 2nd, 220 W. Brown 7th, 285 B. Boswell 4th.

Region 5AAAA Traditional Championship: 1st
106 B. Russell 4th (SQ),113 A. Starnes 6th,120 B. Hollomon 1st (SQ),126 J. Stemphill 1st (SQ),132 R. Ashe 2nd (SQ),138 R. Boylen 1st (SQ),145 T. Johnson 1st (SQ),152 C. Achenbach 1st (SQ),160 M. Beske 3rd (SQ),170 M. Ansari 2nd (SQ),182 J. Statham 1st (SQ),195 S. Gray 2nd (SQ),220 W. Brown 2nd (SQ),285 B. Boswell 2nd (SQ)
4A West Sectionals: 3rd
106 B. Russell 8th, 120 B. Hollomon 4th, 126 J. Stemphill 4th, 132 R. Ashe 6th, 138 R. Boylen 1st, 145 T. Johnson 2nd, 152 C. Achenbach 2nd, 160 M. Beske 9th, 170 M. Ansari 2nd ,182 J. Statham 7th, 195 S. Gray 2nd, 220 W. Brown 6th, 285 B. Boswell 4th
4A State Championships
126 J. Stemphill 3rd, 138 R. Boylen 1st, 145 T. Johnson 1st, 152 C. Achenbach 2nd, 170 M. Ansari 4th , 195 S. Gray 3rd, 220 W. Brown 4th

ALX Wrestlers 2013 Summer Performances
Team GA National Team Qualifiers:

Southeast Regional Championships:


The difference in winning matches and losing matches is mat time. Getting on the mat to learn new techniques and to be exposed to new situations is pivotal to seeing success.

2012 / 2013 Season Results
Dual Record: 17 - 6
Douglas County Championships
Region 5AAAA Dual Champions
AAAA State Dual Runner-up
King of the Hill - 5th place
Region 5AAAA Traditional Champions
AAAA State Traditional Championships - 3rd place

Champions do what has to be done, not what is easy to do!!!