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The mission of the Alexander High School Athletic Program is to create an environment that empowers student athletes to develop into leaders for high school and beyond.


In wrestling you either embrace the fight or get beat up. life is no different. Learn to enjoy the struggles that you are addresing becuase that is what builds character and endurance.

27 X County Championships
11 X Region Champions (7 Traditional / 4 Dual)
15 X State Trophies (8 Traditional / 7 Dual)

2010 4A Traditional State Champions
2017 6A Traditional State Champions
2017 6A Dual State Champions

74 Individual Region Champions
68 Individual State Placers
18 Individual State Champions
27 All-Americans

Thank you to all of our sponsors! You help us to chase greatness!

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National Champion Camp - June 25-26 at ALX
Nick (Gwiz) Gwiazdowski - 4X NCAA All-American, 2X NCAA Champion, US World Team Member, 2017 World Brozne Medalist
Michael Macchiavello - 2018 NCAA National Champion for the NC State Woldpack

Good Afternoon... I hope that you and your child are having a great end to the school year and beginning to the summer. Your child showed an interest in becoming a member of the ALX Wrestling family at our Open House for incoming Freshman.

This is an exciting time for me, because I get to introduce new athletes to what I believe to be the "greatest" sport that there is to offer. Not only does an athlete get to push themselves physically, but he/ she learns significant life lessons: commitment, dedication, self-confidence, to earn what you deserve, and toughness to name a few.

This email is to give you information about our summer workouts and their importance. We will be working out on the mats and in the weight room. The mat practice is divided up into our experienced wrestlers in one group and our inexperienced in another group. This allows us to move at an appropriate speed for the level of the athlete. We will also lift weights and during this time period, we can focus on getting stronger, but also teaching or improving lifting techniques. This is a GREAT time for the first year wrestler to get individualized coaching to get them in a competitive state in an efficient amount of time. This time also allows the in-coming 9th grader to get acclimated to the ALX lifestyle and to develop a support system of upper classman and coaches for when school starts.

I have attached a calendar of our summer practice schedule with times. We will start on Tuesday, May 29th at 5:00 p.m. in the Alexander H.S. Wrestling room. We hope to see your son/ daughter there.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


What's Coming Up:
May 26th - 27th, SE Regionals
June 11th: Throw Clinic with Alec Noah
June 13th: Clinic with UTC Wrestler Roman Boylen
June 16th: North Paulding Duals
June 22nd: Central Carroll Duals
June 25th & 26th: NC-State Camp @ ALX
June 28th: ALX Duals

2018 Spring & Summer Results

GA Freestyle & Greco State Championships
J. McCaully: Fr-2nd
K. Crittle -Wade: Fr-1st
J. Forde: Fr-2nd,
D. Mathews: Gr-1st, Fr-4th
J. Martin: Fr-1st
G. Santiago: Gr-5th
D. Jackson-Dodd: Fr-1st
Z. Loner: Fr-1st
The GA Games Results

J. McCaully: Fr-2nd, Folk-2nd
K. Crittle -Wade: Fr-st, Folk 1st
J. Forde: Fr-2nd, Folk-1st
A. Strickland: Gr-1st, Fr-3rd, Folk 3rd
A. McKoy: Folk-1st
D. Mathews: Gr-1st, Fr-1st, Folk 2nd (IRONMAN)
J. Martin: Gr-2nd, Fr-2nd
C. Lunde: Gr-3rdt, Fr-6th, Folk 4th
C. Cadman: Gr-4th
C. Johnson: Gr-1st, Fr-4th
G. Santiago: Gr-4th, Folk-3rd
D. Jackson-Dodd: Gr-2nd, Fr-2nd
R. Rogers: Gr-3rd, Fr-4th
Z. Loner: Gr-2nd, Fr-2nd
B. Remilard: Fr-3rd, Folk-4th
L. Nelson: Fr-3rd

2017 / 2018 RESULTS

Record: 26-1 (Best Record)
ALX Duals: 1st
Cambridge Duals: 1st
Hillgrove Duals: 1st
Southern Slam: 3rd
106 D. Dodd 8th, 126 V. Ferrara 3rd, 132 C. Cadman 6th, 138 Z. Ansari 5th, 152 L. Nelson 3rd, 160 D. Burton 3rd, 182 W. Warnock 8th, 220 Z. Loner 5th
Douglas County Championships: 1st
Bradley Central Invitational: 3rd
106 D. Dodd 4th, 126 V. Ferrara 1st, 132 C. Cadman 4th, 138 Z. Ansari 4th, 145 D. Mathews 3rd, 152 L. Nelson 1st, 170 G. Santiago 6th
ALX Invitational: 1st
106 D. Dodd 3rd, 113 K. Crittle-Wade 6th, 126 V. Ferrara 2nd, 132 C. Cadman 2nd, 138 Z. Ansari 1st, 145 D. Mathews 2nd, 152 L. Nelson 2nd, 160 D. Burton 3rd, 170 G. Santiago 1st, 182 W. Warnock 5th, 195 R. Rogers 4th, 220 Z. Loner 1st, 285 J. Martin 5th
Region 5-6A Duals: 1st
6A State Duals: 2nd
King of the Hill (JV State): 9th
98 C. Lunde 8th, 126 T. Brown 7th, 132 S. Cadman 7th, 138 A. Gilbert 7th, 145 J. Sickler 2nd, 152 C. Johnson 1st, 170 J. Houston 7th, 285 N. Cuffield 7th 
Region 5-6A Championships: 1st (Most Eever Region Finalist & Champions) 
106 D. Dodd 2nd, 113 K. Crittle-Wade 2nd, 126 V. Ferrara 2nd, 132 C. Cadman 1st, 138 Z. Ansari 1st, 145 D. Mathews 1st, 152 L. Nelson 1st, 160 D. Burton 1st, 170 G. Santiago 3rd, 182 W. Warnock 1st, 195 R. Rogers 1st, 220 Z. Loner 2nd, 285 J. Martin 3rd
6A Sectionals: 12 State Qualifiers
106 D. Dodd 4th, 113 K. Crittle-Wade 9th, 126 V. Ferrara 2nd, 132 C. Cadman 4th, 138 Z. Ansari 2nd, 145 D. Mathews 5th, 152 L. Nelson 2nd, 160 D. Burton 2nd, 170 G. Santiago 3rd, 182 W. Warnock 4th, 195 R. Rogers 6th, 220 Z. Loner 4th
6A State Championships: 3rd
126 V. Ferrara 3rd, 138 Z. Ansari 3rd, 145 D. Mathews 6th, 152 L. Nelson 4th, 160 D. Burton 3rd, 220 Z. Loner 5th
USA Girls State Championship
K. Crittle-Wade 2nd, I. Brown 1st, J. Forde 2nd, B. Ligon 2nd
Freshman State Championships

The ALX Way