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The mission of the Alexander High School Athletic Program is to create an environment that empowers student athletes to develop into leaders for high school and beyond.

The Original... ALX TOUGH!

26X County Champions
8X Region Champions
10X GHSA State Trophy Winners

2010 AAAA Traditional State Champions


ALX Wrestler A. Weatherford earned All-American status at the USA  Girls Freestyle Cadet National Campionships by finishing 8th. And 4 ALX Girls earned Dual All-American honors as well by finshing 6th at the USA Girls Dual Nationals. T. Gravitt, B. Flaherty, A. Weatherford, & K. Wade.

6 ALX Wrestlers represented Geargia as members of Team GA National Team. V. ferrara, C. Driskill, T. Gravitt, B. Flaherty, A. Weatherford, & K. Wade.  

ALX had a strong showing at the GA Freestyle & Greco State Championships. All ALX Wrestlers battle hard and showed ALX TOUGHNESS.
N. Green 113 Cadet Greco 5th
V. Ferrara 126 Cadet Greco 3rd
C. Cadman 132 Junior Greco 3rd
C. Lowe 160 Cadet Freestyle 4th
C. Driskell 182 Junior Greco 4th / Freestyle 4th
S. Myers 285 Junior Freestyle 2nd
B. Flaherty Girls Freestyle 1st
T. Gravett Girls Freestyle 3rd
A. Weatherford Girls Freestyle 3rd
All ALX Wrestlers who placed in the top 4 automatically qualified for the Team GA National Team.



Fall Workouts TBA


Alexander Youth Wrestling (AWC)
For: 5-14 year olds
Practices: TBA
For more information: Contact Joe Hinchman
Phone: (678) 332-6663 Email: joe.hinchman@douglas.k12.ga.us

2015 / 2016 Tournament Results

Dual Record: 23-3
ALX Duals: 1st
Kennesaw Mt. Duals: 1st
West Forsyth Duals: 3rd
Southern Slam: 8th
106 L. Dubroc 5th, 120 A. Starnes 7th, 145 L. Nelson 7th, 160 S. Allbritton 5th, 195 C. Perry 8th, 220 L. Alysworth 7th.
County Championships:1st
CRWA: 1st
106 L. Dubroc 1st, 120 A. Starnes 2nd, 126 V. Ferrara 3rd, 132 L. Dasaro 2nd, 138 T. Rose 2nd, 145 L. Nelson 2nd, 152 J. Gray 4th, 160 S. Allbritton 1st, 170 C. Driskill 3rd, 182 T. Evans 5th, 195 C. Perry 6th, 220 L. Alysworth 1st, 285 S. Myers 2nd
Bradley Invitational: 14th
106 L. Dubroc 5th, 160 S. Allbritton 3rd, 220 L. Alysworth 5th
ALX Invitational: 3rd
106 Dubroc 2nd, 113 Ferrara 1st, 132 Dasaro 3rd, 138 Rose 2nd, 145 Nelson 2nd, 152 Gray 4th, 160 Allbritton 2nd, 170 Driskell 5th, 195 Perry 4th, 285 Myers 6th.
Area 5 Dual Championships: 3rd
Area 5 Traditional Championships: Runner-up
106 L. Dubroc 1st, 113 V. Ferrara 1st, 120 A. Starnes 1st, 132 L. Dasaro 3rd, 138 T. Rose 3rd, 145 L. Nelson 2nd, 152 J. Grey 2nd, 160 S. Allbritton 1st, 170 Cole Driskell 5th, 195 C. Perry 5th, 220 L. Alysworth 2nd, 285 S. Myers 5th.
5A East State Sectionals: 8 Placers / 7 State Qualifiers
106 L. Dubroc 5th, 113 V. Ferrara 5th, 120 A. Starnes 3rd, 132 L. Dasaro 4th, 138 T. Rose 9th, 145 L. Nelson 6th, 152 J. Grey 8th, 220 L. Alysworth 9th
5A Traditional State Championships: 28th
106 L. Dubroc 6th


The ALX Way