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Alford, Rob Assistant Principal
Beatty, Stephen Assistant Principal
Hand, Nathan Principal
Parks, Kenja Assistant Principal
Small, Chris Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Adair, Lee Ellen Special Education/ Department Chair
Arnold,  1SG Mark J.R.O.T.C.
Baxter, Rikki-Lynn PE
Blackmon, Brittany Foreign Language - French
Boehman, Brandon Social Studies
Borum, Shannon French
Bradford, Linda Social Studies
Brancheau, Keith Special Education
Britton, Wittne Math
Brown, Chris Physical Education
Brown, David Special Education
Broyles, Rocio Foreign Language- Spanish
Burg, Margaret Math
Camp, Jacob HAVEN
Cann, Ivy Social Studies - Dept. Chair
Chambliss, Neal Math Instructor/One Act Play Coach
Chandler, Sandra Fine Arts - Choral Director
Chapman, Julie Business Education - Dept. Chair
Cimaglia, Giovanna Foreign Language
Claiborne, Melissa Business Education/Marketing
Cochran, Carrie Career / Technical Education
Cochran, Daryk Fine Art / Co-Head Wrestling Coach
Cockrell, Gary Science
Cole, Karrie Science
Combs, Matthew Math
Combs, Miranda English/Language Arts
Conn, LeAnne Math
Cornell, Charles Career / Technical Education - Automotive Technology
Crawford, Jamey Foreign Language
Cuellar, Jose Foreign Language / Department Chair
Daniel, Andy Fine Arts - Department Head/Band Director
Davis, Michelle Science
Davison, Jeff Science - Department Head
Dickinson, Robyn Special Education
Douds, Tara Special Education - Educational Evaluator
Duncan, Steve Math
Franklin, LTC Sharon Senior JROTC Army Instructor
Gibbs, Amanda Math
Gibbs, Evan Social Studies
Graham, Zack Physical Education
Green, Lisa English/Language Arts
Greig, Angela Science
Haines, Tonya Math - Dept. Head
Henry, Jay Career / Technical Education
Higginbotham, Ben Science
Hilicus, Stephanie Special Education
Hoffman, Betsy Career / Technical Education
Hollis, Rick Social Studies
Hutchins, Jennie English/Language Arts
Hutson, Holly Business Education
Jackson, Alice English/Language Arts
Jarek, Pamela Special Education
Jaye, Brooke Math
Jaye, David Social Studies
Jeffcoat, Julie Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Jordan, Angelia Social Studies
Kennedy, Karen English/Language Arts
Kirkpatrick, Sue Special Education/Teacher
Laver, Kimberly Science
Levy, Lisa Special Education
Long, Cassandra Special Education Teacher
Marietta, Edward Social Studies
Martin, Greg Interrelated Mathematics Teacher
Mastin, Jennifer Special Education/Math
Mathis, Leah Social Studies
McAdams, Lora Math
McGraw, Brava Special Education
Miller, Heather English/Language Arts
Miller, Ruhamah Special Education
Moistner, Sean English Teacher/ E2020 Coordinator/ Head Wrestling Coach
Monroe, Jaime Special Education
Moran, Joseph English
Morrison, Donna English/Language Arts
Morrison, Freddie CTAE/ Agrricultural Sciences
Oglesby, John Math
Osment, Austin Physical Education
Osterhoudt, Peggy Science
Parham, Richard CTAE Department Chair (Public Safety Instructor)
Pendley, Stephanie Information Technology
Pitts, Karen Library Media Specialist
Rager, Debbie English/Language Arts - Dept. Head
Rascoe, Emily Science Special Education
Redding, Dean Special Education
Ritchie, David Social Studies
Robinson, Brian Social Studies
Robinson, Valli Media Specialist
Rodriquez, Helen Speech and Language Pathology
Romain, Zach Physical Education
Royal, Anna English/Language Arts
Ruggiero, Lynette H.A.V.E.N. Academy Counselor
Sanders, Kyle Special Education
Sanford, Kim English/Language Arts
Saxon, Courtney CTAE
Sizemore, Phillip Social Studies
Slate, Jason ISS
Smart, Leslie Information Technology
Sorrells, Andrew Business Education
Stanley, Lee Social Worker
Strawn, Joel Special Education/Math
Sundberg, Rebecca Foreign Language
Swinney, Diona Math
Thompson, Donna H.A.V.E.N. Academy Lead Teacher
Thornton, Karen English Department
Watts, Adam Math
Watts, Kelby PE
Wells, Derall Math-Support
White, David Fine Arts - Band Director
Whorton, Marissa Science
Worthy, Nancy Science
Yarborough, Samantha Special Education
Yates, Michael Physical Education
Yates, Oneal PE
Young, Natalie Mathematics

Alcarez, Jodi Office Manager
Blackstone, Mitzi Counselor
Blankenship, Sheila Office Staff
Brothers, Vickie Para Pro
Burnett, Kerry-Ann Cafeteria Manager
Commings, Peggy Para-Pro
Dowda, Bethany College and Career Center
Duncan, Michelle Para Pro
Foster, Melissa Office Staff
Foulks, Christy Para-Pro
Gamel, Sherry Counselor
Goins, Carmala Para-Pro
Hanson, Cherelyn Para Pro
Hollomon, Sonja Para Pro
McLarty, Melanie Bookkeeper
Mlekodaj, Wesley Para-Pro
Morris, Bonnie Para-Pro
Painter, Tracy Office Staff
Railey , Jeffrey Para Pro
Redmond, Beverly Para Pro
Ringstead, Heather Para Pro
Robertson, Kathy Registrar
Saunders, Dana Para-Pro
Shealey, Nicole Discipline Clerk
Smith, Dallas Para-Pro
Smith, Niki Receptionist
Spencer, Rachelle Media Clerk
Tavegia, James Para Pro
Weigner, Michael Para Pro
Whitfield, Jane Counselor
Williams, Sheywood Para-Pro
Wise, Pam Para Pro
Wright, Sophia Counselor