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Student Parking
Posted On:
Thursday, January 14, 2016



Driving to school and parking on campus are special privileges. Students who choose to drive to school must register the car and abide by the parking regulations. The fee for registering an automobile is $50.00 per school year and was determined by Douglas County School System Board of Education. Students must vacate their cars upon arrival to school. Students are NOT allowed to park in the Teacher's or Visitor's Parking Lots. All students parking a car must purchase a sticker each school year. This sticker must be displayed on lower corner of Driver's side windshield at all times.


Applications can be picked up in the main office, on the wall rack right outside room 400 or online. Applications must be signed by student and parent/guardian. Completed & signed applications must be presented to Mrs. McLarty in room 400 with current Georgia Driver's license and proof of GA insurance on vehicle, along with $50 in cash, check, or money order.

Student Parking form

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