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Angela Palmer Staff Photo

I currently hold my license in Registered Nursing and specialize in Neonatal, Cardiac, and Renal nursing.  I love working with people while caring and educating them on the proper ways to take care of themselves.  Before nursing, I was a Deputy Sheriff for Douglas County. I enjoyed protecting the citizens of the county and being able to care for the people I lived near. 


I am (in no particular order) a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, teacher, and Registered Nurse.  I worked up through the summer (until July 2017) in the clinical setting specializing in Neonatal nursing.  I absolutely love working with brand new babies!  We specialized in drug withdrawal infants and caring for their special needs.  I already miss their soft bodies and sweet sounds.  I have also worked in Renal and Cardiac care in the clinical setting, attending to higher acuity patients.  Outside of work, I am married to a fellow Cougar, Mr. Tracy Palmer.  We are both alumni to Alexander, (Go Cougars!), and are both extremely happy to be back, together, on the halls of AHS.  We have a big family, (hence working with babies), of four kids.  We stay active with football, wrestling, cheerleading, tumbling, and camping.  If we are not in school we are in the camper, either in the woods or on the beach, on the wrestling mat, football field, or tumbling floor.